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Meaning samples - Meaningsamples ForTheWizardofOz:

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Meaning samples For The Wizard of Oz: 1. Referential Meaning (concrete, bare bones summary) During the Depression, a tornado takes a girl from her family’s Kansas farm to the mythical land of Oz. After a series of adventures, she returns home. 2. Explicit Meaning (still fairly concrete, but more the “point” of the film) A girl dreams of leaving home to escape her troubles. Only after she leaves does she realize how much she loves her family and friends. 3. Implicit Meaning (more abstract, involves interpretation) An adolescent who must soon face the adult world yearns for a return to the simple world of childhood, but she eventually accepts the demands of growing up. 4. Symptomatic Meaning (abstract and general, understanding the film as bearing traces of a particular set of social values or ideology) In a society in which human worth is measured by money, the home and the family may seem to be the last refuge of human values. This belief is especially strong in times of economic crisis, such as that in the United States in the 1930’s.
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Meaning samples - Meaningsamples ForTheWizardofOz:

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