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april23 - Acting on moral base even at personal risk o...

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ATTACHMENT: THE SUSTAINED IMPACT OF EARLY RELATIONAL FAILURE/ DISTORTION Confidence in the sustained presence of involved other belief in the value of self o Capacity to form persistent/reliable relations o Capacity to trust Subsequent to bonding: depriving/prolonged absence/instability o Affectionless interaction o Repression of negative emotions o Profound depression levering rage o Repeated primary loss o Emotional wasteland: lack of value o Exhaustion of hope o Rigidifacation of defense Attachment failure: conditions o Insufficiency exploring o Distortion vs. learning o Discontinuity mastering Adequate emotional/international investment (commitment/involvement) of primary caretaker o Loss destroys security base sense of self as valuable Openness/coherence in self reflection on attachment foundation o Eliminates integrity Discerning what is right/wrong
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Unformatted text preview: Acting on moral base, even at personal risk o Saying openly that you’re acting on your moral beliefs • Clinical manifestation: reactive attachment disorder o Disturbed/developmentally inappropriate social relatedness Not explained by developmental delay Types • Inhibited o Persistent failure to initiate/respond in developmentally appropriate fashion in social contexts Hypervigilant Ambivalent Contradictory Resistant to care Frozen watchfulness • Disinhibited o Indiscriminate sociabilly with inability to exhibit appropriate selective attachment • Foundation: pethosenic care o Sustained disregard of child’s socio-emotional and basic physical needs o Repeated loss/change in primary caretaker-preventing stable attachments o f • •...
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