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ISS 210 Brainwasher: Mino/thought control No scholarly agreement on definition -Ex: Induced change w/out informed consent to produce dependence on external authority resulting in attitudinal/behavioral compliance * Necessary Condition: often accompany whatever it is you’re trying to find the cause of Sufficient Condition: produces the condition itself * + passive acceptance of control by external agent who employs coercive manipulation to negate existing self in the process of substitute a new one + centralized external power that alters cognitive- emotional processing to a core level of ideology and personality + deliberate and systematically applied stress- and obedience- inducing process’ that impact on your values/ process’ of ideological resocialization + worldview change disruption and hyper-suggestibility combined with intense indoctrination in a climate of ideological totalism … /disrupt things. . produces suggestibility to persuasion… combined with ideological totalism
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