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Marketing Fundamentals (BUAD 307) Quiz 2 November 10, 2008 Total Points : 60 Total Time : 30 mins Name: ________________ Student ID Number: ________________ NOTE: 1. There are a total of 32 questions (2 bonus questions). You can get a maximum of 60 points. 2. Please circle [ a ]the appropriate answer. Do not put a tick mark [ ]. If you put tick mark, it would not be evaluated. 3. If you are rectifying an answer you previously responded, make sure you strike the previous answer completely by darkening the circle and then encircle the correct answer. It is also recommended to write your answer in the side again. 4. There is only one answer for each question. If multiple choices look the same to you (in fact, they are not!!), pick the one that you feel is the best option for the given situation. GOOD LUCK!! 1. Services consist all of the following characteristics of EXCEPT ________. a. Inseparability b. tangibility c. benefits d. Variability e. A and B (Answer: b; p. 218; ) 2. Product planners need to think about products and services on three levels. Each level adds more customer value. The most basic level is the ________, which addresses the question, “What is the buyer really buying?” a. actual product b. augmented product c. core benefit d. co-branding e. exchange (Answer: c; p. 219; )
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3. A(n) ________ is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of these, that identifies that maker or seller of a product or service. a. service b. brand c. co-brand d. internal market e. external market (Answer: b; p. 225; ) 4. A company’s ________ consists of all the product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale. a. product mix b. brand line c. consumer mix d. packaging mix e. line extension (Answer: a; p. 229; ) 5. General Electric worked with Culligan to bring the line of GE-Culligan Profile Performance refrigerator (which has the built-in Culligan water filtration system). This is an example of ________. a. brand extension b. brand equity c. co-branding d. internal marketing e. cannibalization (Answer: c; p. 236; ) 6. One risk of following the ________ strategy is that sales may come at the expense of other items in the product line. It works best when it takes sales away from competing brands. a.
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quiz-ans - Marketing Fundamentals(BUAD 307 Quiz 2 Total...

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