Biol 1001 Lesson 7

Biol 1001 Lesson 7 - Scott McFarland Biol 1001 653437...

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Scott McFarland Biol 1001 653437 Lesson 7 The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance 1. Copy and fill in the table on chromosomes. SHAPE NUMBER LOCATION DIVIDE BY AMOUNT OF PROTEIN PROKARYOTIC Circular Loop 1 Nucleoid Binary Fission 1 EUKARYOTIC Linear 46 Cell Nucleus Mitosis, Meiosis, Cytokinesis 46 2. List the three parts of interphase and relate what is going on in each part. 1) G1 - Cell increases its supply of proteins, number of organelles and grows in size. 2) S - DNA synthesis occurs. At the beginning each chromosome is single. At the end after DNA replication, chromosomes are double, each consisting of two sister chromatids. 3) G2 - Essential metabolic activity preparing for cell division. 3. List 4 phases of mitosis and the main events for each phase. 1) Prophase - Changes in Nucleus and Cytoplasm. Chromatin Fibers tightly coil and fold forming discrete chromosomes. Duplicated chromosomes appear together as identical sister chromatids joined together at the waist at the centromere. Mitotic spindle begins to form as microtubules. The nuclear envelope begins to break apart. 2) Metaphase - Mitotic spindle is fully formed with its poles at opposite ends of the cell. Chromosomes convene at the metaphase plate. 3) Anaphase - Begins when the two centromeres of each chromosome come apart to become daughter chromosomes. They move to polar ends of the cell with the help of the spindle microtubules causing the cell to elongate. 4)
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Biol 1001 Lesson 7 - Scott McFarland Biol 1001 653437...

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