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Inter-office memos Scenario One: To: Employees of Simutech From: Herman Ehrentraut, Head of Human Resources Date: January 25, 2006 Subject: Holiday Bonus Season’s Greetings to all Employee’s of Simutech. We are very pleased with your hard work and continuing efforts to excel in all areas of Simutech. This year has been no different in your exemplary work and for the last ten years the company has rewarded your fine work by distributing holiday bonuses. Each year for bonuses to be earned a set of standards must be met to consider the bonus a set of standards must be met Did the company stay within its spending quota How high were the company’s revenues Did each department stay within its’ allotted budget
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Unformatted text preview: What is the current economic state? Due to the rather sudden and unexpected downturn in company revenue we will not be distributing the annual holiday bonuses this year. This decision did not come easily and does not in any way suggest that any individual employee or department is responsible. It is instead based on the downturn in company revenue . We are very proud of Warren Enterprises and the excellent quality of work we do. We are a family and will get through this downturn with all the perseverance that has made us one of the leading software companies. We will continue to put forth our best efforts in ensuring revenues again rise Herman Ehrentraut, Head of Human Resources...
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