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Biol 1001 Lesson 1 - BIOL 1001 Lesson 1: The Nature of...

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BIOL 1001 Lesson 1: The Nature of Molecules: The Chemical Basis of Life 1. Explain how ionic, covalent, and hydrogen bonds form and how they differ. Give and example of each. Ionic – bond in which one or more electrons from one atom are removed and attached to another atom, resulting in positive and negative ions which attract each other. Example: NaCl Table Salt Covalent - bond that is formed when two atoms share electrons. Example: The bond between the two carbon atoms in an ethanol molecule. Hydrogen - Hydrogen bonds are formed when a hydrogen atom is shared between two molecules. Example: H2O Water 2. In an ionic bond, the atoms are bound by attraction of opposite ions, whereas, in a covalent bond, atoms are bound by sharing electrons. In covalent bonding, the molecular geometry around each atom is determined by VSEPR rules, whereas, in ionic materials, the geometry follows maximum packing rules. 3. List the 3 domains naming one diagnostic difference for each. List the 4 kingdoms under Eukarya, and name a diagnostic characteristic for each. Bacteria – Heterotrophic Archaea – Unicellular Eukarya – Has a Nucleus Protista - Unicellular Fungi – Heterotrophic Plantae - Autotrophic Animalia- Multi cellular 4. Use the Scientific Method to prove that brand “x” dishwashing detergent is better than brand “y”. Be sure to include observations-hypothesis-experimentation- hypothetical results. Choose your Topic – Dishwashing Detergent Identify the Problem - Which detergent is better “X” or “Y.” Research the Problem – What characteristics make a better dishwashing detergent? Ease of Use, Cost, and Effectiveness. Develop a Thesis
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Biol 1001 Lesson 1 - BIOL 1001 Lesson 1: The Nature of...

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