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Endocrine System Study Questions (select the single BEST answer) 1. If a cell does not have a receptor for a hormone, the cell will not respond to the hormone. A) true B) false 2. Nervous impulses (action potentials) ___________ cause endocrine secretions. A) can B) cannot 3. Which of the following would bind to receptors on the cell membrane but NOT to receptors in the cytoplasm or nucleus of the cell? A) steroid hormones B) peptide hormones C) thyroid hormones D) all hormones 4. The releasing and inhibiting hormones, which control secretion of the __________ pituitary, come from the _____________________. A) posterior, hypothalamus B) anterior, posterior pituitary C) posterior, anterior pituitary D) anterior, hypothalamus 5. All of the following are hormones secreted from the anterior pituitary except A) thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) B) follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) C) growth hormone D) prolactin E) oxytocin 6. The ________ pituitary is glandular tissue. The _________ pituitary is nervous tissue. A) anterior, posterior B) posterior, anterior 7. Growth hormone causes an increase in A) blood glucose B) protein catabolism (protein breakdown) C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 8. Thyroid hormones A) increase basal metabolic rate B) increase responsiveness to epinephrine and norepinephrine C) are stored as part of the thyroglobulin molecule in the colloid of the thyroid gland D) A and B E) A, B, and C 9. There is more circulating T 3 than T 4 . T 4 is more potent than T 3 . Most T 3 is converted to T 4 in the tissues. A) true B) false 10. Calcitonin is the most important hormone controlling blood Ca ++ levels. A) true B) false 11. Complete removal of the parathyroid glands (but no other glands) will A) increase blood Ca ++ levels B) cause spontaneous depolarizations C) both A and B 12. Activation of vitamin ____ in the kidney is stimulated by __________________. A) C, calcitonin B) D, calcitonin C) A, parathyroid hormone D) D, thyroid hormone E) D, parathyroid hormone 13. In the kidney, parathyroid hormone ____________ Ca ++ reabsorption and ___________ phosphate ion (PO 4 3- ) excretion. A) decreases, decreases B) decreases, increases C) increases, increases D) increases, decreases 14. The adrenal cortex secretes sex hormones. A) true B) false
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15. Which of the following is NOT true about cortisol? A) cortisol is a glucocorticoid B) cortisol secretion decreases with stress C) cortisol has anti-insulin effects (on blood glucose, for example) D) at pharmacological levels, cortisol has an anti-inflammatory effect 16. The ______________ secretes hypophysiotropic hormones (or releasing and inhibiting hormones), which control secretion of the _________________. A) anterior pituitary, hypothalamus B) posterior pituitary, anterior pituitary
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Endocrine_System_Study_Questions - Endocrine System Study...

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