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Metabolism Study Questions (select the single BEST answer) 1. Which term listed best describes synthesis reactions (in which bigger molecules are made from smaller molecules)? A) catabolism B) anabolism C) metabolism 2. Which of the following describes gluconeogenesis? A) glucose is synthesized from non- carbohydrate molecules B) glycogen is broken down to glucose C) glycogen is synthesized D) A and B 3. Which of the following occurs more in the absorptive state than the postabsorptive state? A) utilization of fats for energy B) gluconeogenesis C) glucose sparing D) glycogen synthesis E) protein catabolism 4. Which of the following has the opposite effect on blood glucose that insulin does? A) growth hormone B) cortisol C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 5. Increased insulin levels causes increased A) fat catabolism B) protein catabolism C) glycogen synthesis D) blood glucose 6. Which of the following is least likely in untreated, severe (Type 1) diabetes mellitus? A) hyperglycemia
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Metabolism_Study_Questions - Metabolism Study Questions...

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