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Reproductive Physiology Study Questions (select the single BEST answer) 1. Testosterone is A) needed for normal spermatogenesis B) secreted in the normal male fetus C) both A and B D) neither A nor B 2. Which of the following is most responsible for the development of the female secondary sex characteristics? A) adrogens from the adrenal gland B) progesterone C) estrogen D) prolactin 3. Cyclical swings (changes) in FSH, LH, and sex hormone levels occur in A) males B) females C) both males and females 4. Which of the following is required for ovarian follicle development in the female? A) FSH B) LH C) estrogen D) A and B E) A, B, and C 5. From Day 1 to Day 5 of a normal menstrual cycle, the endometrium A) proliferates B) sloughs off 6. Which of the uterine phases listed occurs during the ovarian luteal phase? A) secretory phase B) menstrual phase C) proliferative phase D) A and B E) B and C 7. High levels of _________________ causes a surge in _________ which causes ovulation. A) progesterone, LH B) estrogen, FSH C) progesterone, FSH D) estrogen, LH E) estrogen, progesterone 8. Progesterone levels are highest during which phase listed? A) menstrual B) proliferative C) secretory D) follicular E) A and B 9. ______________ causes synthesis of receptors for _____________. A) Estrogen, progesterone B) Progesterone, estrogen 10. The placenta secretes estrogen and progesterone. A) true B) false 11. If fertilization occurs, what hormone prevents degeneration of the corpus luteum? A) LH B) FSH C) hCG D) progesterone E) estrogen 12. Which of the following is NOT correctly matched? A) inhibin and testosterone – have positive feedback effect on hypothalamus and pituitary B) LH – stimulates testosterone secretion C) FSH – stimulates spermatogenesis
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Reproductive_Physiology_Study_Questions - Reproductive...

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