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What You Should Have Gotten Out of the Endocrine System Lecture or Learning Objectives for the Endocrine System Lecture Endocrine glands secrete hormones into blood; hormones affect only their target cells. 1. Define endocrine glands, target cells. Compare the effects of the nervous system to the endocrine system. Understand which cells respond to a particular hormone and why. Lipid soluble hormones can pass through the cell membrane to bind with receptors inside the cell. Lipid insoluble hormones bind to receptors on the cell membrane. 2. Know the responses caused by hormones binding to receptors (include changes in channel permeability, change of activity of proteins/enzymes, synthesis of new proteins by activating genes or the reverse). Know which hormones are the lipid insoluble hormones and know which hormones are included in the catecholamines. Understand why the receptors for lipid insoluble hormones are on the cell membrane. Describe activation of second messengers and know cyclic AMP as an important second messenger (also know there are other second messengers). Know which hormones are the lipid soluble hormones and why the receptors for lipid soluble hormones are inside the cell. (Where?) Know that lipid soluble hormones generally activate genes, and what the effect of activating genes is. The anterior pituitary is glandular tissue and is controlled by hormones from the hypothalamus. The posterior pituitary is neural tissue. It releases hormones that are made in the hypothalamus. 3.
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What_You_Should_Have_Gotten_Out_of_the_E - What You Should...

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