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DOC 3, Spring 2008 Lecture C: Dr. Ta KEY TERMS STUDY GUIDE 1) define the term 2) relate the term to one of the course readings 3) explain the significance of the term by discussing what the social consequences of the term are, or how the term relates to larger themes in the course. myth of the Frontier politics of containment/Domino Theory military industrial complex gentrification
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Unformatted text preview: white flight land art Nuyorican movement vernacular architecture semiotics maquiladora the problem that has no name good Negro/bad Negro Chicano Park gay mainstream/assimilation globalization border-crossing cultural mythology/hegemonic ideology tagging 3 main elements of hip hop Moloch Sambo and Mammy figure fortress city Free Speech movement Black Muslim...
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  • Spring '08
  • Shragge
  • hop Moloch Sambo, Mammy figure fortress, vernacular architecture semiotics, art Nuyorican movement, industrial complex gentrification

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