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Inter-Office Memo Scenario Two: To: Employees of Simutech From: Herman Ehrentraut, Head of Human Resources Date: January 25, 2006 Subject: Computer Usage A new policy involving computers will be put into effect immediately Craig Wilson, who has recently been commended for his high achievement by the company, was fired for violating company computer policy. During a routine systems upgrade , support personnel discovered illegally downloaded content on Craig’s computer. The administrators terminated Wilson because the use of office equipment for these purposes leaves the company vulnerable to legal action. Remember the use of company computers for purposes other than company business is prohibited.
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Unformatted text preview: If you need software added to your computer let systems’ personnel handle it . Do not download it yourself. To avoid any further problems of this nature there will be random searches done on the computers . Anyone found violating this policy will face the same disciplinary action as did Craig Wilson. In some cases violators of the policy may even face legal action if it is discovered the illegal content not only violates company policy but also violates local, federal, or international laws. If you are aware of any illegal downloading of software please feel free to bring this to my attention. Herman Ehrentraut, Department Head Human Resources, Simutech...
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