Island Biogeography

Island Biogeography - BILD 3 19 May, 2008 Woodruff: island...

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Unformatted text preview: BILD 3 19 May, 2008 Woodruff: island biogeography 1 1 NEXT FRIDAY’s SECTIONS ARE CANCELLED PLEASE COME TO A SECTION ON MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, OR THURSDAY B01 M 1:00p - 1:50p HSS 1305 B02 M 2:00p - 2:50p HSS 1305 B07 M 4:00p - 4:50p SOLIS 109 B08 M 5:00p - 5:50p SOLIS 109 B11 W 2:00p - 2:50p CENTR 207 B03 W 3:00p - 3:50p HSS 1305 B04 W 4:00p - 4:50p HSS 1305 B10 TH 8:00a - 8:50a CENTR 203 B12 TH 2:00p - 2:50p CENTR 203 B09 TH 4:00p - 4:50p CENTR 207 HELP SESSION: THURSDAY 2:00-4:00 MUIR BIOLOGY 1103 2 ANNOUNCEMENTS: MID-TERM EXAM includes Chapter 34 (vertebrates) but not Wednesday’s lecture on Chapter 55 (conservation biology) MID-TERM EXAM in MANDEVILLE AUDITORIUM : A – L in YORK 2722 [HERE]: M – Z EXAM IS CLOSED BOOK. NO CALCULATORS, CELL PHONES, BLACKBERRIES, CAPS. BRING PENS & YOUR PHOTO ID 3 LE 50-2 Kangaroos/km 2 > 20 10–20 5–10 1–5 0.1–1 < 0.1 Limits of distribution Tasmania DISTRIBUTION AND ABUNDANCE 4 INTRINSIC AND ECOLOGICAL LIMITS TO A SPECIES RANGE AND DISTRIBUTION [see Campbell 50.6] Dispersal limits: physical barriers & time Habitat selection & behavior Biotic factors: competition, predator–prey & other interspecific interactions Abiotic factors: temperature, water, sunlight, wind, rocks & soil. Natural range expansions show the influence of dispersal on distribution 5 SPECIES RANGES & THEIR EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT ADAPTATION, DISPERSAL & GENE FLOW, HISTORY Central populations vs Peripheral populations Hypothesis: adaptation at species border swamped by gene flow from central pops. Metapopulation models 6 LE 50-7 New areas occupied Year 1996 1989 1974 BILD 3 19 May, 2008 Woodruff: island biogeography 2 7 20-50% OF AREA OCCUPIED BY A PARTICULAR BIOME TODAY WILL NO LONGER BE SUITABLE 8 IMPACT OF CO 2 x 2 (2030-2060) ON THE BIOSPHERE TEMPERATURE: Up 2-4 o C; 3x more in polar regions PRECIPITATION: +10% but declines in some regions California: +/- 20% SNOWLINE: up 100m per degree C....
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Island Biogeography - BILD 3 19 May, 2008 Woodruff: island...

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