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COM 225 exam 3 notes - COM 225 Notes for Exam 3 FACTORS...

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COM 225 Notes for Exam 3 FACTORS RELATED TO ATTRACTION Propinquity Refers to geographic closeness You’ll tend to be attracted to those you’re around most often (all other forces being equal) Strongest predictor of romantic attachment within organizations Similarity Research supports the idea that similarity increases attraction 3 qualifications to “birds of a feather” effect o Perceived similarity doesn’t equal actual similarity (We overestimate similarity to attractive others and underestimate similarity to unattractive others) o Only applies if it’s a quality you like about yourself o Different types of similarity influence attraction Described 3 basic types of similarity o Attitude (food, movies, books) o Personality o values examined initial attraction and long term attraction o attitude similarity was best predictor of initial attraction o personality and value similarity were best predictors of long-term attraction and relational stability Physical Attractiveness we respond more favorably to attractive vs. unattractive persons from an early age (first few years of life) unattractive couples are judged as more seriously involved than attractive couples attractive women face a number of negative sanctions and stereotypes attractive women are better psychologically and emotionally adjusted early in life men are not judged nearly as much on appearance men are much more likely to say that physical appearance in determining attraction matching hypothesis (stay within .5) Social Exchange Why do we develop, maintain and end relationships?
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Proposes that you’ll feel drawn to those you see as offering substantial benefits with few associated costs In judging benefits and costs you bring two standards o Comparison level - your personal belief regarding the benefits and costs you think you deserve in a love relationship (what kind of love partner do
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COM 225 exam 3 notes - COM 225 Notes for Exam 3 FACTORS...

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