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COM NOTES sex.marraige

COM NOTES sex.marraige - MARRIAGE History of marriage...

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MARRIAGE History of marriage o Women were property; no love Courtly love era (approx 1400-1700) o Emergence of romantic imagery o Romantic love accepted (usually with nobility) Romantic love era (approx 1700-1850) o Love within marriage accepted Victorian era (1850-1960) o Suppression of love; non-intimate o No women’s rights Modern era (1960-present) o Marriage = romantic love o Physical expression of love (sex) MARITAL SATISFACTION Four components 1. Consensus - how much couples agree on important issues 2. Cohesion - how often couples spend time interacting in a positive fashion (joking, laughing, talking) 3. Affection 4. Viability - whether couples want to stay together MARITAL TYPES Traditionals o Hold conventional attitudes regarding gender roles & importance of relationship o marriage is most important part of life o valuable stability more than spontaneity o high degree of interdependence, sharing and companionship o regular schedule o not assertive, but don’t avoid conflict Interdependents o o believe that relationships shouldn’t constrain individual freedoms o high degree of sharing & companionship, but qualitatively differ from traditionals o maintain physical space autonomy o irregular schedule o Separates o conventional (traditional) in beliefs about relationship and gender, but independent in views of individual freedom
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o low sharing/companionship o maintain psychological distance o routinized but separate schedules o conflict avoidant Research findings Consensus? o
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COM NOTES sex.marraige - MARRIAGE History of marriage...

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