FINA2244 court observation

FINA2244 court observation - already started 3 The...

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Jessie Durham FINA 2244 November 21, 2008 Court Observation 1.) I attended court on November 6, 2008 at the New Bern courthouse. The type of court that I observed was an eviction hearing in which the defendant stopped paying his bills and was tried to be evicted out of his house. 2.) The people in the courtroom were all very respectful during the hearing. Everyone in the courthouse was real quiet, careful to not even make a cough for fear of the angry-looking judge who seemed rather bored throughout the case. The defendant’s lawyer seemed eager to help his client in any way he could, even filling up his glass of water. The demeanor of the defendant, Christian Benedict was his name, was calm and relaxed, almost as if he knew what was coming or as if he had been to court a few times. He was extremely alert and focused, constantly glancing up to the judge and back down to some papers in front of him. Other than that, everyone observing the hearing was mature enough to arrive early enough so they would not walk in after it had
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Unformatted text preview: already started. 3.) The courtroom’s activities related to what we talked about in class because of the set-up of how the hearing went about. It was dead on for how they started the hearing and the basic trial procedures where they give the opening statements, then the presentation of direct testimony, closing arguments, and then they give instructions to the jury and finally reach the verdict-evicted. 4.) From this experience I gained extensive knowledge as to how to properly act in court. I also learned what actually happens in court from when the defendant walks in the door to when the defendant is either hanging their head or walking proud out of that same door. I don’t believe I would do anything differently since the entire hearing just seemed so orderly and structured, which is great I think because it is court and because they deal with a lot of tough cases that cannot be dealt with in unsystematic manners....
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FINA2244 court observation - already started 3 The...

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