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PSY 301 OPERA Experiment Registration Instructions The instructions below explain how to access OPERA (the Online Psychology Experiment & Research Application), browse experiments that you can register to participate in, and sign-up for experiment sessions. Special Note to AOL Users: The AOL web-browser does not interface with OPERA. If you are an AOL customer use Netscape, Explorer, or some other web- browser to access OPERA. To begin, go to www.psy.utexas.edu, click on “Student Resources,” then click on “Psychology 301 Experiments” which is located beneath the heading Classes . Next, click on “Experiment Registration” and login with your UTEID and password. You will be given three options. 1) Browse all experiments. 2) Browse registered experiments. Browse All Experiments 1. If you click on “Browse All Experiments,” a current list of all experiments that you may participate in will be displayed. It will list the experiment name, number day, date, time, and amount of credit you’ll receive for participating.
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