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week3 - held constant and the amount(2 π or-2 π you want...

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Lab Manual Errata – Week 3 3.4. p. 36 Step 1 – If you get a memory error after importing the movie, then go to Edit -> Options -> Memory and set it to 1000 MB. Step 5 – Remove: Grabber Analyse: Set Measurements… 3.5 p. 38 Step 2 – To keep the directions consistent, it should read data = ReadList[ FilePath ,{Number,Number}]; p. 38 Step 3 – We are not using iBot cameras, so skip this entire step. 3.6 p. 40 Remove the semicolon from input In[9]. p. 41 Remove the semicolon from input In[10]. p. 42 Remove the semicolon from input In[11]. 3.7 p. 46 When using the AngleFixer command, use 2 π or -2 π instead of - π as the adjustment angle. The segments should either join, or move closer to each other each time you use AngleFixer. AngleFixer has three inputs: the data set you are adjusting, the number of points that you want to be
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Unformatted text preview: held constant , and the amount (2 π or -2 π) you want to adjust the remaining points. You will repeat this command until all of the line segments are joined into one line. See In[20]. Prelab C 4. The components of the equation p = m v are p x = mv x and p y = mv y . You are trying to find SE( p x ) and SE( p y ). 5. ݒ = ඥݒ ௫ ଶ + ݒ ௬ ଶ Appendix B.4 p. 150 definition of Angular: Angular[e_,c_]:= Table[ If[(e[[i]][[1]]-c[[i]][[1]])==0, Pi/2., If[ArcTan[(e[[i]][[2]]-c[[i]][[2]]) /(e[[i]][[1]]-c[[i]][[1]])]<0, ArcTan[(e[[i]][[2]]-c[[i]][[2]]) /(e[[i]][[1]]-c[[i]][[1]])]+Pi, ArcTan[(e[[i]][[2]]-c[[i]][[2]]) /(e[[i]][[1]]-c[[i]][[1]])]]] ,{i,1,Length[e]}] Slop Always estimate beyond tick mark....
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