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Introduction: The objective of this experiment was to determine the effect different levels of ph would have on the dictyostelium purpureum. Dicty is a one of the simplest slime molds having emerged about one billion years ago, thus making it a perfect candidate to use for testing. (Lebraud 2003) When food is available for the Dicty it will multiply in a unicellular microorganism, however as the food is depleted the dicty will develop during the starvation. (Lebraud 2003) The development occurs at different stages; first the cells will differentiate from one another, followed by the formation of a slug, then fruiting bodies will sprout spores. (Lebraud 2003) The food source provided in this experiment was e. coli plated in a Petri dish. Five plates were used to test the different ph levels. Two plates were used to test for acidic
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