Lab 8B - chromatography According to the GC the unknown oil...

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Lab 8B--FAME, Analysis of Fats and Oils Author: Jose Caraveo TA: Spencer Anthony Chem 243 B Section: 006 October 20, 2008 Abstract: This week’s lab dealt with determining the identity of unknown oils. In this case, unknown oil #3 was found to be corn oil by means of its dissolution and subsequent transesterification. After transesterification, the different fatty acids constituents and percents were determined through gas
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Unformatted text preview: chromatography. According to the GC, the unknown oil had 13.45% palmitic fatty acid, 29.37% oleic fatty acid, and 57.17% linoleic fatty acid. These values are extremely close to the literature ones: 10% palmitic, 25% oleic, and 62% linoleic....
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