Metabolism of the Unknown

Metabolism of the Unknown - biochemical test that was...

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Metabolism of the Unknown Gabriela Torres Lab section 6 11/19/08 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to isolate and identify bacteria from and unknown culture by performing a direct microscopic techniques, interpretation of growth and colony characteristic, proper selection and interpretation of biochemical test. Based on the result of the Mannitol Salt agar (MSA) and the MacConkey agar plate of the unknown bacteria, it determine it proper selection of an appropriate biochemical tests. The following
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Unformatted text preview: biochemical test that was performed on the MSA plates were catalase, nitrate reduction, test for the resistance or sensitively of the antibiotic Novobiocin, and the test that were performed on the MAC plate were oxidase, EMB plate, and citrate utilization. The data gave the result of the biochemical test reaction of the unknown such as of catalase or oxidase enzymes also image of the colonies grown on the plate and observation of the colonies under the microscope....
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Metabolism of the Unknown - biochemical test that was...

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