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Research Project- First Draft Kenny Mons, Luke Smith, Anthony Guo November 10, 2008 Iron is an essential vitamin needed in daily food. Bananas are a very common source of Iron. The three species of banana’s to be tested are yellow, purple, plantain (green). The amount of iron contained in each sample can then be determined and compared to the three species of bananas. The yellow banana is expected to contain more iron than the other two samples because it said that yellow banana’s contain the most beneficial nutrients. In order to extract the iron from the bananas, the banana must be digested using acid. 2.0 M Hydrochloric acid can extract the iron from the banana producing a solution containing the iron. A 50 mL sample of the solution will then be taken, and the pH will be checked.
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Unformatted text preview: If the pH is above 7, 6M HNO3 will be added until the pH is less than 7. After the pH has been properly adjusted, a hot plate will be used to gently boil solutions for 40 minutes or until the solution is less than 10mL. The solution will then be diluted with 30mL distilled water. After this is done the pH will be measured to ensure that the levels are increased by 2-6 by adding 1M of NaOH. The solution will then be diluted again by 50mL of distilled water. The spectrometer can measure the absorbance of the solution, and using beer’s law, the concentration can be determined. The three species of bananas can simply be bought in a store and brought to lab....
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