Table 60-21 - CD-ROM WRITERS(Effective Dates September...

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Unformatted text preview: CD-ROM WRITERS (Effective Dates September 18-23) Model No. 460RW 2600E 9282E 8428S 93422R Part No. 841120 841111 841415 842013 841712 Price Specifications $199 4x speed write, 16x speed read, CD Recording software 235 4x speed write, 24x speed read, 4x speed rewrite, stores up to 650 MB per disk 415 Rewritable. 4x speed write, 8x speed read, Direct CD software 595 Rewritable. 8x speed write, 24x speed read, 2x speed erase, Direct CD software 658 Rewritable. 4x speed write, 6x speed read, 2x speed rewrite, Direct CD software, CDR-DJ ...
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