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Jarrod Ochoa MUS 307 Professor Rathnaw Listening Annotation #2 For the first song I chose “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. This song proved to be a revolutionary classic as it was one of the first politically conscious songs that was popular among many audiences. Over the years, it has been covered many times by artists such as A Perfect Circle, Cyndi Lauper, and the MTV all-stars as it stands for peace and love. This song changed the affect of music at the time. Gaye was part of the legendary label Motown, which was well known for its safe, non-controversial songs. Berry Gordy was behind this and wanted a neutral, non-confrontational approach as it would encourage mass appeal to many audiences; especially white. However, this song was not the same as the earlier, neutral styles of Motown. It had Soul. This music genre typically had a more gospel sound and set the stage for questioning the status quo and stating how things should be. It was music that had a voice. Having said that, the unifying theme of this song points to social justice. Gaye recorded this song to promote non-violence and to encourage working through the problems America was facing in the early 70’s. Musically this song was a bit unique for its time. Gaye decided to change the style of soul and Motown music by deciding to put forth a politically conscious song. Motown previously aimed at being neutral and non-confrontational. Berry tried to continue this effort by blocking the song because it seemed to controversial and would not do well on the radio. If it was safe it promised great crossover success in several markets. Gaye pushed forward despite the refusal by Berry and gave soul a voice against the world’s problems. This song appears to be a basic 12 bar blues with a very melodic bass line.
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Music Annotation 2 - Jarrod Ochoa MUS 307 Professor Rathnaw...

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