History Monday Oct 27th - Attacted by a mob and burnt down...

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History Monday Oct 27 th Political Conflicts of PA during civil war. People arnt voting solely on PA issues Political Situation in PA 1840’s Democrats: Supported by Irish Tradition of Andrew Jackson Supported by many immigrants Whigs: Supported by protestant performers Supported internal improve Split over issue of slavery Whig: Draws support from Quaker people New states slave or free David proposes no new new slave states Compromise 1850: California brought in as a Free State Remaining western territory determined free/slave states by popular sovernity Fugitive slaw law Little protection for free blacks accused of being runaway Afghanistan growing strong in PA
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Boycotts Hosted Speakers Published Political action Ungrounded railroad Lucretius, Mott, Quaker, Abolitionist, Femist Opposition of Abolitionism Seen as troublemakers Disliked women in political involvement African American competition for jobs Pennsylvania Hall built in 1838 to host anti-slavery hall Hosted female speakers and mixed meetings
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Unformatted text preview: Attacted by a mob and burnt down in 4 days Slaveowner Edward Gorsacuch. Slaves ran away from him Brings Federal Marshall Hide in home of William Parker Neighbors come out and confront after women sounds horn. Edwards Gorsch killed Whole group of people tried for treason Large group of people tried for treason Mainly put on trial Thaddeus Stevens defends people Said they couldnt prove anything Buchannan wins American party opposes immigration Buchannan is bad president Feel Buchanan is pondering to south Republican Lincoln gets the major vote in PA, nation Internal divisions between Pastries Democrats into two major fraction War Democrats- Dont end war w/south Peace Democrats- End war w/ south George Woodward elected twice George McClellan goes against Lincoln, loses Republican said that opposition was against union Democrats barely loose election in PA many times....
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History Monday Oct 27th - Attacted by a mob and burnt down...

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