History oct 13

History oct 13 - others Washington decides to march army to...

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Philadelphia – Nations Capital for 10 years 1790 – New Constitution. 1776 Constitution overturned. Gov. had more power 1790- At time two newspaper printed, one for each political side Hamilton, sec. treasury of U.S. enacts financial program A bank, issuance of money Assumption of Debt Federal budget, at the time 3.5 million States owed 30 million, Fed owed 40 Million, Total 70 Million Sold debt to speculators, paid interest on debt Jefferson then approves banking plan Hamiltons plan restores U.S. credit worthiness Taxes Import Tax –Tax on imported goods into country Excise Tax- Tax on liquor, distillers had to pay this Taxes were easily levied on the east coast, harder to impose on west coast due to the spreadout frontier Grain was often sent to New Orleans, down the St Louis river
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Whiskey Rebellion Farmers often distilled their grains into liquors Farmers encouraged tax collectors not to collect taxes, and tarred and feathered
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Unformatted text preview: others Washington decides to march army to western PA to show power of federal government Washington gets to Bedford, Whiskey rebellion members get word and split up, become hard to find Bradford and other rebellion leaders taken back to Philly for treason Washington sends rep. to Spain to allow PA residents to sell grain & whiskey in Spanish colony (To show that gvt is working for western PA residents) French Rebellion 1789-93 England not involved 1793 King of France executed Each side (French, English) try to keep other side from having trade with American colonies Women become active during French Revolution If Colonies defended France, than the British would destroy American cities There was a theory at the time which thought that if one was against the government, then that person was not American. The federalists start to impose stereotypes, as shown in the cartoon handout...
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History oct 13 - others Washington decides to march army to...

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