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History Oct 29th - Civil War becomes increasingly unpopular...

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History October 29 th Many Pennsylvanians sent to union army 10% killed in combat College classes/Towns/Families joined up to fight Battle Honors put on the flag Flags were 6x6 feet Pa Zonaves Colorful Uniforms (Derived from France) Irish Immigrants Irish deeply supported Republicans/Lincoln Marksmen recruited for their skills Bucktails got significant repertoire James Beaver headed a volunteer regimen Beaver a PSU president, Governor PA railroad takes off during War Manufactures turning out clothes, weapons, etc Oil Discovered in Western PA Women parts in war Made socks, food, sheets, pillowcases Faith played a big part in soldiers life “Sanitary Faires” Booths with displays of circus exhibits, captured weapons, artwork Used to raise funds for the war
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Unformatted text preview: Civil War becomes increasingly unpopular 148 th Pennsylvania goes to war Takes Copperhead movement very seriously Drafted resolution to downplay opposition Political Copperheads, wanted to end war with peace between Union/Confederate Democratic politician sues over soldiers fighting battles away from home Soldiers often vote Republican Battle of Gettysburg Takes Robert E Lee many tries to get Army into the north Plans to take Philly, NYC, other large cities Gettysburg is a focal point of Southern PA battle Easy place to get to/congregate Meeting Engagement at Gettysburg Small regiments battle, others eventually get funneled in. Cannon bombardment was very common...
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