Nov 4th - November 4th First Defenders Washington DC...

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November 4 th First Defenders Washington DC surrounded by Maryland, Virginia Andrew Curtin (PA Gov) sent regiments to protect Lincoln Army had to walk through Baltimore First casualty was because of protester Someone threw a brick at black soldier, killed him Coal Industry Molly Mcguires A supposed Irish organization which killed coal bosses Looking back, there was very little evidence to connect the two Much of info supplied against them was supposedly fabricated by industrial associates Mcguires didnt get fair trial. Judge and Jury were very pro-mine Many of the Mcguires were executed after trial 1873 Stock Panic/Industrial Railroad Panic Banks seized up and stopped lending railroads money to expand 1893-1897 Depression, people out of work 1890's John Mitchell's United Mine workers strike Miners demonstrated for better wages Lattimer PA mine disaster A uprising occurred Mine owners summon Sheriff, which gets a posse rounded up Confront strikers, mostly immigrants, and fire upon them This act gave mine workers more sympathy. Miners go on Strike 1906
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Nov 4th - November 4th First Defenders Washington DC...

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