nov 14 - November 14th Industry Valley Forge Many...

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November 14 th Industry Valley Forge Many Furnaces/Forges PA produced 1/7 th of wrought iron in colonial times. Iron manufacturing made in rural areas Need wood, water, power Furnaces, sometimes called plantations, used slavery before abolish ion PA produced ½ of Iron before civil war Many railroads interdependent on Iron industry Iron used for Steel industry Iron was PA's early big industry PA became first US oil boom Struck in 1859 in Titisville Oil at first used in kerosene lamps Oil production came and went quickly Pithole city went to 16k people to 0 in one year John D Rockefeller Standard Oil formed, later broke up Oil shipped overseas to rich countries Rockefeller used vertical integration (owning all parts of production) Made deals with Railroad to ship oil In 1898, Rockefeller owned 98% of refineries in US Ida Tarbell- Wrote “History of Standard oil company” criticism Ida's brother was an Oil man Some of Tarbells stories were false though Cleveland passed a 10 million + income tax, only applied to Rockefeller
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nov 14 - November 14th Industry Valley Forge Many...

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