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TO: Ms. Galbo FROM: Mr. Ehrentraut DATE: April 10, 2006 SUBJECT: Business Letters This memo is to inform you of the scenarios and strategies used in each business letter. In this memo, you will find explanations of sales, bad news, and information requests. You will learn he intended audience of each letter and the circumstances requiring such a letter. You will also see the rhetorical strategies I used to address the letters' purposes and the audiences' concerns. I decided to create my own scenarios based on Children’s World, a company that offers economical summer programs for low-income families. Background: I have created the scenario that the United Nations in 2012 passed the Education Accord which means that all instructors with tenure are to volunteer their services to aid in the instruction of underprivileged children from low-income families during the summer. As a result of this accord, several companies were quick to capitalize by opening huge educational facilities such as the Children’s World in Culture Center Pennsylvania. Through grants, proceeds from companies, and donations The World
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Business Letter Memo - TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Ms. Galbo...

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