oct 20 history

oct 20 history - Called “Pikes” Made in order to try to...

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Factors of production Land + Labor (Through Immigration) Capital (Rely on foreign investment) Entrepreneur Factor+ (Much of this) Irish potato famon, many left for America, many others dies First bank of US. In 1836 more banks pop up Much foreign investment (Britain) US gvt involved in business States invest in roads, canals, pathways Startup of Corporations (Limited Liability) 19 th century philly 2 nd most populous city in US NYC becomes major port/city on atlantic ocean NYC money capital of US Philly manufacturing capital of US Durham Boats- 40 ft long used for goods transportation
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Early Turnpikes made of crushed stone Reduced cost (spoiling) of goods even with toll cost. Roads get built by private company, given a charter
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Unformatted text preview: Called “Pikes”. Made in order to try to bring business boom to their town Much grassroots effort in order to form pikes Erie Canal built in order to connect great lakes to NYC Canals separate from river (although usually beside one) Immune from freeze/flood drought Unbelievable number of canals and roads in PA PA railroads famous. Horseshoe curve made to transverse mountain/water (Kept cargo from going over water) Reading railroad: Used to get coal to Philly PA railroad : Getting basic goods to market 1877 railroad strike = confrontations, federal roads. Federal troops came in to stop the strike, Said that the strike infringed on the governments ability to deliver the mail...
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oct 20 history - Called “Pikes” Made in order to try to...

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