oct 22 history

oct 22 history - Coal Anthrocite (Northeast PA) Hard coal...

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Coal Anthrocite (Northeast PA) Hard coal (hard to lite, efficient) Bitumimus (Southeast PA) Soft Coal (easy to lite, not so efficient) Coal discovered in PA 1750 Philip Ginter rumoured to find anthracite coal. May not be true, but discovery of anthracite, lead to exploitation of resource 1808- People started to realize that heating house with coal is cleaner than with wood Leigh Coal and Navigation- Owned a canal and railroad (for moving coal) Groups of miners were immigrants Early miners were English and Welch. Later, the Irish started to become prevalent in mine Easy jobs for immigrants Mine managers were originally eng/Welch, Irish and eastern european 1880-1900 Eastern Europeans were common in mines Many ethnicities now worked in the coal mines Owners of mines wanted Irish, but not the ethnicities Mines were mechanized Before TNT people used large amounts of gunpowder to blow up side of mountain Coal mining dangerous because of explosive/toxic gasses
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oct 22 history - Coal Anthrocite (Northeast PA) Hard coal...

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