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anthropology paper - Bobby Sessoms Anth 123 April 3 2008...

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Bobby Sessoms Anth 123 April 3 , 2008 Micro/Macrocosms Within Cultural Architecture The terms microcosm and macrocosm are used to indicate that similar patterns are reproduced in all different levels of the cosmos . These patterns remain consistent from the largest scale , macrocosm, down to the smallest scale or microcosm . The macrocosm is seen on the universal level or as the entire universe itself whereas the microcosm is a miniature representation of this universe . The word microcosm literarily means “small world” and relates to a small system which has analogies to a larger system , the macrocosm . Each of these terms plays an integral role in the spiritual significances of architectural structures to cultures worldwide . Microcosms are not specific to certain cultures . Instead, these miniature replications can be found in a wide variety of architectural forms from very distinct cultures ranging anywhere from the Jewish Tabernacle , to the Ka’bah in Mecca, to the yurts of Central Asia . The Tabernacle is the epitome of a microcosm/ macrocosm in an architectural structure . The building itself is a sanctuary where God appears among his believers . The Bobby Sessoms 713418091
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design of the structure itself is a copy of a model of the heavenly dwelling as told to Moses by God himself . Therefore, the Tabernacle is a microcosm symbolizing the macrocosm of the Heavens . In his article “God-Given Buildings,” Wilkinson states that
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anthropology paper - Bobby Sessoms Anth 123 April 3 2008...

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