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Air Power Notes

Air Power Notes - 10/27 Fast Carrier Task Force Aircraft...

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10/27 Fast Carrier Task Force Aircraft carrier is the core not battleships Emphasis is on SPEED and RANGE to create OFFENSIVE STRIKING POWER Required technology Large and fast carriers Variety of aircraft: fighters, scouts, bombers, torpedo bombers The Screen (cruisers, destroyers) The Fleet Train Underway Replenishment- shooting the line then pass the fuel hoses Impressive ship handling is required 1940- British launched a successful strike against Italian fleet- Showed what naval air fleet could do Resolved the role of naval aviation in American naval doctrine World War 2 Blitzkrieg attack of Poland Dive bombers were highly functional- the Stuka- good at bombing but not able to avoid air combat Precision bombing was costly for civilians German success attracted international attention and blitzkrieg was immediately the object of interest Germans actually had more problems than were evident British attack Germany in series of daylight raids and loose many of their aircraft NO MORE DAYLIGHT ATTACKS 1940- Germans invade Denmark- German air fleet flew over but didn’t drop bombs and Danes didn’t fire at the planes- no major resistance for ground forces Seized Norway’s ports and airfields very quickly RAF tried to oppose German forces in Norway- no chance May 10, 1940- German attack of the West (low countries and France)- balance of power is changing in the war as French are knocked out of the war after 6 weeks Sitzkrieg- sitting war \Struck allied airfields, headquarters and transportation centers Launched parachute and glider attacks on forts airfields and dikes in Netherlands and Belgium German interdiction and close air support neutralized Allied forces German air power demoralized Allied troops and panicked civilians Bombing of Rotterdam- tied to demand for Dutch surrender- accidently bombed the city shortly after the Dutch surrendered Dunkirk- British retreat to the sea has become legendary Air Power- poor targets-troops on sandy beaches Dunkirk was within range of RAF Fighter Command A variety of ships crossed the English Channel to carry troops back
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10/29/08 British using Spitfire aircrafts German aircraft carried out first attacks against Paris Jun 3 1940- bombing raids Fall of France on June 22, 1940 the balance of power in Europe shifted Britain now vulnerable to: Invasion Aerial attack Blockade German intentions:
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Air Power Notes - 10/27 Fast Carrier Task Force Aircraft...

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