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Fundraiser Letter

Fundraiser Letter - • Rides-Worlds Fastest Rollercoaster...

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Children’s World 111 First Avenue, Culture Center, PA 00001 (555) 000-2468 * fax (555) 000-1357 April 10, 2006 Mr. William Achlu 999 101st Street East Saurus, NM 00001 Dear Mr. William Achlu: We at Children’s World would like to invite your friends and family to our annual three day fundraiser where all proceeds go to reduce the cost of tuition for our students. Last year we raised enough so that Children’s World was able to offer a 20% tuition reduction for all students. DATE: Auguest 13-16, 2006 TIME: 0900-2200 PLACE: Krieger Amusement Park 7275 Krieger Avenue Hermanville, GA. 30001 Activities will include:
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Unformatted text preview: • Rides-Worlds Fastest Rollercoaster • Sports- participation encouraged • Lectures by our esteemed staff • Concerts • Live Theater • Demonstrations by the students • The Great Cook Off III For more information about our Fund Raiser please consult our website www.culturepark.com As with all our programs since our main goal is to insure everyone has a great time, so please RSVP by no later than May 13, 2006. We look forward to another fun and successful time. Thank you, Michelle Y. Krieger Entertainment Director [email protected]
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