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Sales Letter - • Hiking/Splunking • Organized Sports...

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Children’s World 111 First Avenue, Culture Center, PA 00001 (555) 000-2468 * fax (555) 000-1357 April 10, 2006 Ms. Willamina Blumach 999 101 Street Acme Falls, PA 00001 Dear Ms. Blumach: With summer right around the corner have you given thought about what to do with your children while you are at work? Well thanks to the 2012 United Nations Education Accord, Children’s World offers a solution. Our day camp facility has been stimulating young minds as well as their bodies with our various programs for over 15 years and will continue to do so no matter where your child’s gifts/talents might lie. With our specially trained staff summer will be both fun and educational! Outdoor Activities Include:
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Unformatted text preview: • Hiking/Splunking • Organized Sports • Physical Training Indoor Activites Include: • Computer Basics • Liberal Arts • Foreign Languages • Physical Sciences • Natural Sciences • Theater • Music Our staff is among some of the world’s top authorities in their respective fields so each child’s schedule can be specifically designed to cater to your child’s needs. If you call now and mention this letter you will get a 20% reduction in tuition. So please call and remember our motto “A Child Shall Lead”. For more information please visit our website at www.culturepark.com . Yours truly, Herman Ehrentraut President...
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