Lecture 3 - CH 310 N T Th 2-3:30 LECTURE 3 Textbook...

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1 CH 310 N T Th 2-3:30 LECTURE 3 Textbook Assignment: Chapter 12 cont’d Homework (for credit): POW 1 posted- Due on Sep 8 3:00PM Material from Last Lecture: NA Today’s Topics: Interpretation Notice & Announcements: TA office hrs: Kyle Williams Mon: 3-4 WEL 5.330 Lisa Alexander Mon: 10-11 Cubicle “B” Dan Propheter Tues: 8-9 Cubicle “B” Matt Sanderson Tues: 12-1 Cubicle “A” Organic Lecture Series 2 Table 12.4 Characteristic IR absorptions for the types of bonds and functional groups encountered most often: C- H N-H O-H C= O C= C C- O 1000-1250 strong weak to medium 1600-1680 1630-1820 strong 2700-3300 weak to strong 3200-3650 medium 3100-3550 Intensity Stretching Fre qu e ncy (cm -1 ) Bond Correlation Tables Organic Lecture Series 3 Hydrocarbons-Table 12.5 CH 3 CC C-C Intensity 2850 - 3000 Medium Stretching 3300 Medium to strong Stretching 2100-2250 Weak Weak to medium 1600 - 1680 Stretching Weak to medium 3000 - 3100 Stretching Alkyne Alkene Alkane Vibration Stretching Hydro- carbon Frequency (cm -1 ) Bending 1450-1475 Bending 1375 and 1450 Weak to medium (Not useful for interpretation - too many bands Arene Stretching 3030 Weak to medium 1450-1600 Stretching Bending 690-900 Strong
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2 Organic Lecture Series 4
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Lecture 3 - CH 310 N T Th 2-3:30 LECTURE 3 Textbook...

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