chem 358 How to Succeedin Orgo

chem 358 How to Succeedin Orgo - How to Do Well in Organic...

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How to Do Well in Organic Chemistry 357 / 358 First of all, remember that each of you will find your own unique way of tackling a topic such as organic chemistry. It is a challenging course for many bright people so you should not feel embarrassed if you initially have some difficulties. It is challenging because it involves many new concepts and requires the development of new approaches to solving problems. We can give you suggestions but you have to take them for what they are (ie. what we have found works best for us but also seems to work best for most of our students). Our Suggestions: 1) COME TO LECTURES. For every day you miss lecture, you are adding 3 - 5 hours to your study time. That is the time it takes us to prepare each hour of lecture material. If you miss the lectures, you are not getting the benefit of having someone present the information in a "highlights" fashion. Without the lecture, you are left to do it ALL on your own. Also, learning occurs by repetition, every time you hear a concept repeated or see an example, it makes it easier to recall it the next time you need to. 2) TAKE GOOD LECTURE NOTES WHILE IN LECTURE. The reason is two-fold: 1) when we prepare lecture notes, we are essentially doing much of your work for you. We are determining what pieces of information or concepts are critical for you to understand and discarding those pieces that are less important for our purpose or which are details that may only be needed to help clarify a point or add perspective. It's not that
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chem 358 How to Succeedin Orgo - How to Do Well in Organic...

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