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Genome is divided into chromosomes chromosomes

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Unformatted text preview: into chromosomes. Chromosomes contain genes. Genes are made of dioxyribonucleic acid (DNA). DNA tells cells to make proteins. Determination of an Embryo's Embryo' Sex i 46 chromosomes (23 pairs); 22 are similar in size and shape in both men and women: autosomes. autosomes. i 23rd pair: sex chromosome, determines baby's sex. baby' Temple Odom, PhD MSU 2 FCE 225 Phenotypes and Genotypes i Genotype: actual genetic makeup of organism. i Phenotype: observable characteristics of organism. Multifactorial Transmission Environmental factors interact with genetic factors to produce traits. i Sex-linked inherited characteristics: Genes Sexthat are linked or appear on the same chromosome are inherited together and are called sex-linked traits. sexi Genetic Counseling and Testing i Genetic counseling: Helps parents find out risk of passing along a particular disorder or disease. i Down syndrome: Occurs i...
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