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conceptual patterns - Amelia Murphy Conceptual Patterns...

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Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Conceptual Patterns 4/20/08 Writing Warm Up; Speaking in Tongues- The conceptual ideals about O’Connor evolve throughout the essay. The student chooses to focus on the struggle that O’Connor faces between her southern upbringing and her writer background. In one life she is righteous and southern to a t. Yet, in her other persona she is quick to pass judgment and impose her own ideals. She preaches one way of life and acts according to another. Paragraph- has a direct claim- “O’Connor’s route to this selfless act…” and then uses an example from the text. Goes on to explain the original concept- that her righteousness does not spring from herself at all and shows then another example of this in her text and explains how the original quote relates to this new one and how these two together now prove the original claim more—and then the last sentience claims there is another layer in the argument that O’Connor is not just talking about herself Safety in Numbers- Schlang attempts to show Whiteheads admiration for New York. At first she talks about how Whitehead strives to show us the ‘true’ city—the traffic and delivery routes in the morning. Yet, in actually Schlang proves to us that Whitehead strives to take us apart and show the vast monstrosity the city has become. It is as though we can all relate to each other by being the faceless pedestrians others pass on their way to work. In the end she foils this with the sense of
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conceptual patterns - Amelia Murphy Conceptual Patterns...

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