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Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Final Draft 2/25/07 Threads of Lies Vermont is anything but forgiving in the winter. Degrees dropped to lonely single digits as hopeful parents dragged their tired children to where I stood, losing a glove here and there, attempting to walk in the newly adorned footwear. Their jackets were zippered to protect their exposed skin. I could already hear the ticking of the clock inside the children’s heads, counting down the seconds to the next break. I introduced myself politely to the parents, assuring them that mortality would not be in their child’s future. Winning the trust of children is never that easy. I commented on the latest football game and the newest Disney show. In just a few moments, those boisterous seven year olds would be taking part in an adventure that I, at 17, had to be the leader of. As we rode the chairlift to our numerous destinations I began to bond with my students, bribing them with high five and hot chocolate, exposing them to the to the ski resorts ancient myths. The most infamous of all is the ‘bonus wish’. It is believed that when your chair stops directly on the barring wheels during the short trip to the top; you are rewarded one free wish. My group and I were lucky to test this myth. Our chair screeched to a stop directly on the barring. I jokingly asked them what they wished for, expecting the ever popular new video game response. But this time I would be wrong. We shared our wishes one by one. One future beauty contestant chose world peace. The boys begged for another run. There was only one girl left to share her wish. She was my star pupil; never Page 1
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Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Final Draft 2/25/07 complaining that her hands were cold and doing everything that was asked with a smile on her face. She took a deep breath, looked around the circle and announced that her one wish was to see her sister again. After the lesson I learned that her sister died three months before from brain cancer. The bright and cheerful young girl faced such severe loss and pain. An experience that has broken many four times, I believed, made this young child stronger. Through the rest of the lesson she aided me when needed. She helped others
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final draft - Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Final Draft...

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