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essay 3 draft one - Amelia Murphy Essay 3 Draft 2 Writing...

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Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Essay 3 Draft 2 4/29/08 Intro; ?? Often times the solutions to global issues seem distant and indistinct. To decisively claim a public stance on any controversial matter is more than daring. Yet, the writer Barbara Ehrenreich does so with poise and ease. She tackles a wide variety world issues with an innovative view. The topics Ehrenreich chooses to discuss are ones that are commonly known such as terrorism, religion and science. One does not have to be a learned person to have a stance on these issues. It is her selection of conventional topics that makes her arguments so unique. Ehrenreich is counterintuitive. Her method of persuasion is by not only addressing the main arguments of the opposing side but also by showing you the realistic and somewhat obvious faults found in each. In her essay “Killing the Habit” she discusses the abolition of prohibition. By recalling and acknowledging the well known phrase of antidrug enthusiasts, she is able to then truly make her point. “Drugs can kill, of course. But drug prohibition kills too.” Ehrenreich tears apart her intellectual foe’s foundation of ideals piece by piece, brick by brick. But then, in her brilliance, Ehrenreich reuses her challenger’s cement—the famous antidrug slogan to strengthen her individual argument. By doing so she draws the reader to her side, forcing them to agree with her stance. This innovative thinking can also be seen in her essay “The Right’s Academic Universe”. In this she exposes the hypocritical scientific piggy bank created by The Templeton Foundation. Like with prohibition, she portrays her opinion on the issue by negating the one taken by her opposition. “It hard to imagine the most famous baby, the Field of Positive Psychology, was created by the same man who has been running pro-war commercials”. Ehrenreich states the obvious. She is not stretching the truth, only sharing facts. Templeton did fund the 8 million dollar ‘Happiness Facility” in Pennsylvania and did promote pro-war stances. 1  |  P a g e
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Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Essay 3 Draft 2 4/29/08 Coupling these two seemingly distant and contradicting campaigns, allows Ehrenreich to highlight Templeton’s void of a cohesive forefront. Writing is the stage that allows Ehrenreich to flaunt her personal forefront, her personal
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essay 3 draft one - Amelia Murphy Essay 3 Draft 2 Writing...

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