ch 10 notes - -Different Markets type, size,...

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MGT Notes 3/13/08 Ch 10 continued: - Marketing Manager – plans, implements - Marketing Plan – detailed strategy - Marketing Mix – 4ps - Product – goods, service, idea to fill consumer needs, wants - Product Differentiation – difference to consumer feature, price, distribution, promotion o Perception of people - Target Market – similar needs, wants - Market Segmentation – customer type o Business vs. consumer o Geographic o demographic - Marketing Research – study consumer needs, wants o Taste testing o Interview Primary Data o Focus group o Census Secondary Data - Consumer Behavior – decision process - Brand Loyalty – regular purchasing o Image of quality – characteristics o Image - Consumer Buying Process
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Unformatted text preview: -Different Markets type, size, international-Consumer Decision Process o Problem Need Seek Information Evaluate Alternatives Purchase Decision Post Purchase Evaluation CH 11: Product and Price-Product good, service, idea to fill consumer needs and wants-Convenience inexpensive consumed rapidly and regularly o Fast food o Habitual o Toothpaste-Shopping vs. Specialty o Automobile expensive, rarely purchased o Infrequent o Clothes moderated expenses-Product Mix group of products o Place and person and advertising-Product Line similar products, buyer o Variety of products to meet needs...
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ch 10 notes - -Different Markets type, size,...

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