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Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Essay 2 Draft 1 3/25/08 No one moves to Bronxville to be ordinary. In a bakery of life, Bronxville is crème brulee, wetting your appetite ever so slightly, tricking your taste buds into believing that ten dollars would be worth its tasteless sensation. It has a beautiful façade. Exquisite houses line the streets while picture perfect housewives sip on Starbucks, pondering the life altering question of how to fit Pilates and tennis on the same schedule. While my fellow Bronxville High School seniors embarked on a journey to a promising future, I was, in the eyes of my town, merely attending NYU. Parents and friends comforted me, telling me that NYU was a great steppingstone. There was no need for me to worry--I would someday arrive at the school for me my sophomore year. While all the other students strutted in their coveted Ivy League college attire, I sunk to the background avoiding any subject that had to do with leaving. I felt disappointed not because of myself but due to the actions and feelings of the people that surrounded me. My inability to fulfill the expectations of my town caused grief. The ability of others to mold our expectations is the main focus of Walker Percy’s essay “The Loss of the Creature.” He follows an American couple who travel to Mexico in hopes of capturing the perfect vacation. Though they have discovered a native village, which could have been the catalyst to their memorable experience, the couple is unable to enjoy the finding. In order for the village to be ‘genuine’ the couple needed an ethnologist to verify their attitude and excitement. By relying on the ethnologist, Percy believes that “a degree of sovereignty has been surrendered by the couple” (753). Without hesitation, the couple has given up their choice to rule themselves. The ability to Page 1 of 6
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Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Essay 2 Draft 1 3/25/08 acquire individual thought is spent—they will forever be dependent on others. Yet, this is not what troubles Percy most. It is the “nature of the loss, moreover, that they are not aware of the loss, beyond a certain uneasiness” (753). The unconscious conferral of power is of the most concern. Without intention, the couple abandoned their independence and is left with a sense of apprehension. They live their lives as though nothing has changed—unaware of the rapport they have formed with the outside world
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essay_2_draft_2 - Amelia Murphy Writing the Essay Essay 2...

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