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Amelia Murphy Writing the essay Assignment Assessing Revealing Lacks WRITING; Assessing, Revealing Lacks  Part One; When I first read the essay The Loss of Creature by Walker Percy I understood that he was trying to address how and why people set expectations for themselves and others around them; how one person can judge their happiness against another, how experiences are only valid through someone else. Percy then challenges the importance of preconceived notions. He attempts to explore how these notions can undermine and rob the object of its beauty. How a society can sabotage its own existence. When you measure aspects of life up to each other, you strip the observer of sovereign choice. It is not that elementary. There are specific benefits when one judges another’s work. We have something to strive to, and in many cases are exposed to levels of work that we would in other cases never been able to achieve. Percy understands this thought and comprehends that many times we are unable to control who, when, what and why we are exposed to the things we do. The new questions he formulates why this is so acceptable in society and why does no one stop it? Part Two
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ass 3 - Amelia Murphy Writing the essay Assignment...

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