Supreme Court Case Plessy Vs. Ferguson Research Paper

Supreme Court Case Plessy Vs. Ferguson Research Paper - In...

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In 1865 when the Civil War ended and the South reluctantly rejoined the Union one important question was posed by the country as a whole, who is going to rebuild the devastated South and make the United States intact again. Conservative Republicans were set on returning the country to how it was and keeping the constitution unchanged, however fairness called for a new amendment to be added to the constitution specifically addressing Civil Rights. The fourteenth amendment was ratified to the constitution in 1868; it set the guide lines for the federal and state governments in regards to citizenship, due process, and equal protection under the law for freed men. The reconstruction period can be divided into two parts. First was the Presidential Reconstruction directed by presidents Lincoln and Johnson who, through executive powers, restored the 11 ex-Confederate states to their former position in the Union. After Lincoln’s assassination, Vice President Andrew Johnson took over office and the reconstruction process. However Johnson alienated even moderate Republicans when in 1866 when he vetoed two important bills, including a civil rights bill that nullified the Black Codes and guaranteed full citizenship and equal rights to blacks. Black Codes had been adopted by southern states which restricted the rights and movements of the newly freed men. They prohibited blacks from either renting land or borrowing money to buy land, forcing them to sign work contracts, and prohibited blacks from testifying against whites in court. President Johnson remained indifferent on this issue further disillusioning him with the Republican Party. This lead the Republican majority congress to believe that
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Supreme Court Case Plessy Vs. Ferguson Research Paper - In...

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