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Mike Tryba Children’s Lit October 20, 2008 Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback “The text is sparse, but it faithfully depicts the day-to-day life of a Yiddish farmer. And Joseph displays heroic determination in his quest to save his overcoat” (Common Sense Media). This story starts and ends with Joseph and his little overcoat. In the beginning he has his ratty old overcoat which throughout the story turns into a vest, scarf, necktie, handkerchief, button, then nothing, and then he wrote a story. Then in the end of the story, he doesn’t have his “material” overcoat, but he has the memory of it, which he then writes a book about his adventure. Joseph turns his overcoat into something useful for every occasion once its gets old and worn. His overcoat is made into a jacket when he is attending the fair. He creates a vest for his nephews wedding, a tie that he used for his visit to his sister in the city, then he created a book when there was nothing. Taback ends his storybook with “you can always make something out of nothing.” As a child is reading this they are probably very saddened that Joseph has lost his favorite belonging. Taback makes them know that it is ok to lose a material possession, and that the memories of it are much more important. “Simms Taback is a master of collage: Dozens of photographed faces peek out of an apartment scene, and painted plants are topped with real vegetables” (Common Sense Media) This connects directly to the theme of Tabacks story, that
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you can make something out of nothing. Taback connects with the reader why having cartoon illustrations but by adding real illustrations it doesn’t allow the
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Essay#1 - Mike Tryba Childrens Lit Joseph Had a Little...

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