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PSY 231 D Fall 2008 PSY 231 D: Developmental Psychology Class: M/W/F 1-1:50 p.m., 131 PSYC Dr. M. A. Montpetit 109 Psychology (513) 529-6149 Office hours : Tuesday, 1-4 p.m. or by appointment Developmental Psychology cuts a broad swath through current theoretical and empirical work related to development from womb to tomb. Throughout the semester, we will examine the biological, psychological, and social underpinnings of human behavior across the lifespan. As a survey course, this will not be an in-depth study of any one particular developmental process, but will provide a fairly comprehensive overview of the sequence of human development, as well as the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social processes that drive and shape it. We will also consider the dynamic impact of context and culture on human development across the lifespan. Course Objectives : Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to: 1. Describe what is meant by human development through the lifespan. 2. Understand the complexities of human development, and how they manifest across the lifespan. 3. Identify key physical, cognitive, emotional, and social milestones throughout the lifespan. 4. Identify how biopsychosocial forces, including macro-environmental (historical, cultural, etc.) influences, operate throughout the lifespan,. 6. Process, understand, and synthesize a variety of course material (the textbook, empirical reports, life story interviews, naturalistic observation, class discussion, etc). 7. Demonstrate an understanding of this material, and the basic developmental principles it explicates, through examination, the Life Story Project, and peer review. Required Text : Berk, L. (2007). Development Through the Lifespan (4 th Course Requirements : Readings : Timely completion of reading assignments will facilitate class discussions. Attached is a list of reading assignments; before coming to class , please read the material, think about how it relates to other course material and to your personal experience, and identify questions you would like to discuss. I may occasionally identify supplemental readings from developmental journals or popular media; these will be distributed electronically. Life Story Project : In order to help you to recognize and appreciate the role of biopsychosocial developmental influences in your own life and in the lives of others, you will be asked to complete a life story project. The project will require you to collect various types of data (perhaps a qualitative life story interview and/or observational data) from a willing participant, analyze that data for developmental themes, and submit a written paper synthesizing these results. We’ll talk more about this as the semester progresses. Peer Review:
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Montpetit_231DSyllabus - PSY 231 D PSY 231 D: Developmental...

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