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Notes 9-3-08 - Haploid—1 copy of each gene...

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9/3/08 Genetics—The Study of Genes Genes o Classic (Mendelian) Genetics Units of heredity o Molecular Genetics Piece of DNA DNA structure laid down by Watson & Crick helps explain classic genetics o Population Genetics Changes over time Gregor Mendel o Austrian monk o Mathematician—statistics o Liked to grow peas o Made sure he had pure breeding plants Homozygous Diploid—2 copies of each gene
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Unformatted text preview: Haploid—1 copy of each gene Gametes—sperm and egg Zygote—2 gametes that fuse together Homozygous—identical genes in a pair for a hereditary characteristic Heterozygous—different genes in a pair for a hereditary characteristic Hybrid—another word for heterozygous Alleles—different versions of same gene...
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